New Mexico breakfasts

Made with fresh, grade AA eggs, served with our famous potatoes, a fresh bakery basket or tortillas, whipped butter, and strawberry preserves

Favoritos Locales (Local Favorites)

Breakfast Burrito8.95
Eggs scrambled with ham, bacon, or sausage, rolled in a flour tortilla, topped with red or green chile and melted cheddar; choice of beans, posole, or potatoes
Huevos Rancheros7.75
Two eggs any style on a corn tortilla, smothered in red or green chile; cheese on request; choice of beans, posole, or potatoes
Sheepherder’s Breakfast8.25
Boiled new red potatoes with jalapeño and onion, then browned on the grill, topped with red and green chile, melted cheddar, and two eggs any style
Huevos Yucatecos9.95
Corn tortilla layered with black beans, two eggs any style, green chile, Swiss and feta cheese, pico de gallo, and surrounded with fried bananas; choice of beans, posole, or potatoes
Carne Y Huevos9.95
Heaping serving of lean pork, cooked in a blend of red chiles, two eggs any style, and our famous potatoes
Chicken Livers Tecolote8.95
Chicken livers sauteéd with our salsa fresca served with two eggs any style and our famous potatoes

Low cholesterol alternative

We have intentionally reduced the amount of salt, and eliminated animal fats from this recipe.

El Corazón Contento9.25
A breakfast burrito made with scrambled Egg Beaters and mushrooms or Morningstar Farms sausages, red or green chile, light cheese on request; served with beans, posole, or potatoes